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Assess compliance and identify risks  

An on-site visit to your setting by a specialist consultant to assess compliance and identify risks. This is your complete health and safety check.

Latest news and telephone support  

This service gives you support from a specialist consultant as well as regular bulletins with the latest legislation straight to your in-box.

Cost effective health and safety courses

Delivered either face to face by us in selected areas or download one of our sessions-in-a-box for you to run in your own education setting.

An online document and policy bank  

An easy to use online service giving you access to 100’s of documents and policies bespoke to your educational setting.

Health and Safety Consultancy for Schools

Our solutions have been designed by Education Health and Safety Consultants and have been tested and are trusted by Schools.

We offer a range of solutions to schools and early years to assist in compliance, affordability and enable you to do what you do best which is teaching and learning.

Popular face to face training courses
delivered on site by a consultant

Popular sessions in a box training courses
downloadable and delivered by you

Key Health and Safety Questions

Q: I want to know if my school is compliant?
A: Book an AUDIT

Q: I need to deliver a training session on an inset day to all school staff?
A: Order a TRAINING session-in-a-box

Q: I need regular updates on health and safety which is relevant to the education sector?
A: Sign up for the CONNECT service

Still not sure what to do?

If you wish to discuss what solution is right for your school then please call 01480 718007 or email info@cousinssafety.co.uk

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